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The Balance Between Creativity & Optimisation

designing-websites-with-seoWhen it comes to creating a new website it’s common for the web designers and SEO experts to work together in some capacity, however, they both tend to have different ideas when it comes to deciding what is more important.

The majority of web designers will be concerned about the look and style of the site and they can often place concern for rankings and the techniques used in SEO secondary to this, according to Grapefruit Marketing (thegrapefruit.co.uk). On the flip side of that the SEO experts’ priorities are to make sure the on-page optimisation is everything is should be, and that the designers don’t make their lives difficult when it comes to implementing their SEO techniques, therefore a fine balance has to be found. The fact of the matter is that a website can look amazing but if the correct SEO techniques are not used then the website cannot be appreciated therefore form which means that form and function has to be combined.

For a website to work well a working relationship has to be formed between the designers and SEO experts where both parties understand and appreciate the work that the other is doing. This means that the website must look great but it must also make good use of SEO techniques to receive the attention that it rightly deserves. What this means is that both have to make excellent use of their best practices to ensure that they are offering the best service possible whilst giving the website the best chance to work successfully.

When it comes to web design there are vital practices that they must follow in order to help create a balance. Web designers have to think about the mobile approach which will help to create a website that is simple to use for SEO experts who are trying to provide the seo services London companies need. Designing a site that loads quickly, usually quicker than 10 seconds will ensure that it’s better than average and the use of search suggestions in within-site search and if possible convert every search into navigation. The websites have to be easily digestible and understandable for users and using the latest web standards will ensure it’s up to date.

For SEO experts, making life easy for the web designers will require following best practices. It’s important to use key words intelligently and research keywords that are mobile specific whilst marketing tools such as video content, infographics and the proper integration with social media platforms like Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn can help to increase quality links. Choosing reputable sources will ensure that relevant and high-quality links are created whilst using social media and integrating it into your website will help to improve user experience.

Combining form and function is crucial for those practical design agencies who want to commit to their clients by offering the best practices of both web design and SEO. This means that the balance between the web designers and SEO experts will be a lot easier resulting in happy customers. Both web designers and SEO experts are important to each other which is why bringing form and function together is one is extremely important.

Boosting Creative Confidence

Coaching CreativityMost people who opt for the creative path are drawn by the pleasure of creating art, the fulfillment of creative expression. They’re seeking the excitement and thrill of creating work that comes from their heart or speaks from their soul. Since the financial aspects of creating art are notoriously unreliable, it’s the joy to be found in the creative process that inspires many artists to spend their precious time on the creation of new work.

But what about when it stops being fun?

What about the darker side of creativity: The self-doubts and confidence crises. The tension and uncertainty of the middle stages, when you’ve actually created more questions than answers. The slump, when the gloss of the shiny new idea has faded, and you’re ploughing through the less glamourous work of uninspired yet essential tasks, the mundane reality of creative output. How can you maintain the steadfast resolve that’s so essential in finishing a project?

Any creative journey will be a roller-coaster ride – and would it be as satisfying if it was facile and unchallenging? But if you can anticipate the lows before they appear, there are steps you can take to prepare for them. They may still cause the inevitable wobbles, but they’ll be less likely to throw you off track or stall your project completely.

One time-honoured way to arm yourself against the ‘dips’ is to have some sort of support network – whether by way of some structured creativity coaching, or by surrounding yourself with like-minded and inspiring individuals.

Many of the world’s greatest artists and achievers were blessed with mentors, patrons or champions of their work. Just a single person who believes in what you’re doing can make that crucial difference when you begin to doubt. But if you’ve yet to be adopted by a brilliant mentor, it’s still possible to find or create similar support via a network of encouraging friends or peers. You can go to events where the energy and message will inspire you to stick to your creative guns. You can immerse yourself in the books, blogs, videos and podcasts of people who are creating great work in the world, enjoying the success or acclaim that you aspire to. With the leveling effects of the internet, you can easily connect with people and communities who believe in what you’re trying to achieve.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded achievers will help you to see what’s possible, which will refuel your creative dreams and restore your confidence. But there’s another bonus in mixing in these circles of success and achievement – you also get to tap into their experience. You can benefit from their hard-won lessons, so you don’t need to make the same mistakes. You can save yourself time and heartache by learning from others who have gone where you want to go.

So, the next time self-doubt threatens to derail your creative project, seek out the groups, books or personalities that uplift and inspire you. Even better, take steps before the lows take hold by building a supportive and encouraging network of people, influences that will boost your creative confidence and build a strong foundation of courage and self-esteem.

There’s a theory in success circles that you are the sum of the people you spend your time with. In this virtual age, it’s easier than ever to access and surround yourself with the right people – the ones who can guide you and support you in living your creative dreams.