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Choosing a Digital Designer

good-desingersThe world of digital design can seem like a pretty intimidating place for the novice. There are millions of providers out there that range from the obviously amateur with ridiculously cheap pricing and as equally as ridiculous a website in terms of garish and/or rather scary design. So the question is, how do you choose someone who’s going to deliver the kind of great design you’re looking for? Well here we tell you.

A World of Possibilities – If You Choose Carefully

The first thing to appreciate is that there is a vast difference between the cream of the crop and the less-capable of the digital design community. Like any industry there are people who proclaim to be professional when they are in fact anything but. Equally however for every cowboy there is there are ten dedicated web designers or app developers who love what they do.

Signs of a Consummate Professional

They know what the latest trends and technologies are
The digital design agency that you speak with should know all about what’s hot in the design world right now. This should actually be immediately apparent from their portfolio. If you can’t find their portfolio from their own website then this may be indicative of an issue.

They speak in English, rather than techno babble
To foster a great working relationship you need to have a good rapport with your digital designer or design team. This then means being able to communicate and one sure fire way of a complete communicative breakdown is if your designer talks in something that seems English, but has far more gigabytes, pixels and tech words than you care for. A sign of a great web or app designer is one that is able to communicate without talking in jargon.

They are full of inspired ideas
Your website should serve as your twenty four hour salesperson and as such it should work hard for you round the clock. Your digital designer should be full of ideas as to how you can connect with your audience virtually, how you may benefit from certain features that helps to convert visitors into purchasing customers, or at least start them on the road to soon becoming so.

They listen to your every word
Being attentive should begin from the very first phone call, if you feel that anything is a little lacklustre with their responses or approach to your enquiry then you should probably move on to another company who will treat you with the attention that you deserve.

They always call, email or delivery when they say that they will
There may be numerous points, even prior to committing to a project, that you’ll be expecting your potential digital designer to get in touch. Whether it’s for them sending you some mock ups, general ideas or pieces of information. If they fall at the first hurdle with late responses then you should find another design team.

The best digital designer is the one that perfectly fits your needs
Digital designers and agencies differ drastically from one to another. Where one may be perfect for the start-up business looking for a simplistic brochure website they may not be as suited to a project for a complex system that involves thousands of users and both backend and front end systems.

Hopefully this guide has firmly set you on the path to choosing a digital designer that will do you and your business justice. We know ourselves how passionate a digital design agency and the designers within it can be about what can be achieved in today’s day and age.